Concepto 2: Coordinación

        Miércoles, 25 de Febrero. Seminario 22, Edificio Ada Byron. Horario: 12h-13h



Dr. Ralf Cox

Faculty of Behavioural Social Sciences (University of Groninger, The Netherlands) 


Licenciado en Física (Polytechnic University Eindhoven), en Psicología (Radboud University Nijmegen) y doctor en Ciencias Sociales (Radboud University Nijmegen) trabaja como Assistant Professor en la Universidad de Groninga (Países Bajos). Lidera un programa de excelencia (Vidi grants, de la Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research) sobre Coordinación dinámica motora y fractalidad. 



Fractal Coordination Dynamics in Motor Performance… and Beyond


Resumen: It is becoming increasingly evident that the temporal variability in behavior constitutes a rich source of information about its coordinative basis. In this presentation I will emphasize the fractal nature of coordination dynamics underlying human performance in the motor domain and beyond. Fractal scaling is ubiquitous throughout the motor and cognitive system. Attention will be given to techniques for detecting and quantifying the temporal structure of behavior and to the implications of this structure for coordination dynamics. Research examples include rhythmical aiming, rowing and reading. In all studies evidence is provided that temporal variability is not a random phenomenon but shows fractality, which appears more clearly for higher skill levels and with (motor) learning.